Beckman Coulter Awards & Recognition

General 2020 IMV ServiceTrack Awards

Beckman Coulter, as a total solution provider, received double the number of awards combined than our major competitors including Roche, Abbott, Siemens, and Sysmex. The 2020 ServiceTrak™ Clinical Laboratory Awards are based on interviews conducted in 2020 with respondents in 2,229 clinical testing locations having 5,117 instruments—capturing responses from approximately 1/4 of U.S. hospital clinical laboratories.


Diversity & Inclusion

Forbes 2019 Best Employers for Diversity
We appreciate different perspectives and work hard to create an inclusive work environment where our associates can deliver better and more innovative solutions to our customers. We strongly believe that the best team is a diverse team that reflects the global community we serve. Danaher was featured on the Forbes 2019 Best Employers for Diversity list and recognized as one of the Human Rights Campaign's Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality for the sixth year in a row. Beckman Coulter will apply the diversity of thought, work style and background of our associates to ensure this project is a joint success. 

Environmental & Sustainability

Danaher and its operating companies strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products, and help our customers do the same. Our operating companies have a long history of enacting environmental sustainability programs and other green initiatives. Measuring the impact of our operations on the environment helps us identify areas for improvement. In 2018, we deployed our first DBS environmental sustainability tools to apply the philosophy of continuous improvement to optimizing impacts on: energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste generation.

Beckman Coulter’s facilities are seated in some of the world’s most naturally beautiful places. Teams at these facilities go above and beyond to care for the ecosystems in which they work.

Beckman Coulter Brea
Brea, California

The Brea City Council awarded the first Green Life, Green Brea award to Beckman Coulter for its sustainable renovation of its long-time Brea facility. The Green Life, Green Brea award recognizes Brea businesses and organizations for exemplary achievement in energy and water conservation, and other measures showing a high level of environmental stewardship.

Beckman Coulter’s comprehensive facility renovation achieved a Gold LEED Certification, which is an internationally recognized green building certification system. Beckman was able to reduce water usage by 40% in their remodel using indigenous drought tolerant plants and low flow faucets and other water saving devices.

Beckman Coulter Ireland
Lismeehan, Ireland

Beckman Coulter’s facility in Lismeehan, County Clare, Ireland produces state-of-the-art in-vitro diagnostic devices while stewarding a historic property that is home to ancient landmarks. Since we last reported on this site in 2015, the site:

  • Now diverts zero waste on landfills
  • Installed an effluent treatment plant to treat wastewater and monitor its daily water discharge to protect a local lake
  • Lowered its carbon footprint by using two woodchip burners to heat the facility from locally harvested timber
The team was recently awarded a Creafog’ Award from the American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland for its commitment to sustainability and excellent environmental practices. The team is currently working towards carbon-neutral status by focusing on optimization, renewable energy, CO2 emissions reduction and other environmental practices.

Beckman Coulter Japan
Mishima, Japan

Beckman Coulter’s facility in Mishima Japan sits at the base of Mount Fuji. Recognizing its unique place in the local ecosystem, the Mishima team leverages DBS to operate under a stringent environmental management system using our Visual Management and Kaizen tools, this team has:

  • Implemented an efficient process to recycle manufacturing materials • Increased its recycle rate to 99.4%
  • Self-identified as “ESH Change Agents”, engaging in comprehensive self-audits to achieve a zero EHS incident rate
  • Engaged in an operating company-wide conversation to share best practices and drive continuous improvement across all functions
The Mishima team won the Danaher Best EHS Program Award in 2018 and 2019 for their efforts to operate in a safer more sustainable way.

Product Specific Awards Automation

2020 - SelectScience® Scientist Choice Award: Best New Clinical Instrument (DxA 5000)


2015 - SelectScience® Scientist's Choice Award: Best New Clinical Assay/Kit (AMH)
2017 - Quest Supplier Excellence Award
2017 - Alverno Laboratories Recognizes Partnership with Beckman Coulter: Lab Quality Confab
2020 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best System Performance Immunoassay
2020 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best System Performance Integrated Systems



2019Beckman Coulter awarded BARDA funding to develop novel sepsis algorithm.
The contract will enable Beckman Coulter, in collaboration with Dascena, Inc, to develop and commercialize a novel machine-learning-based sepsis detection algorithm. By combining novel laboratory test parameter values with electronic health record information, the objective for this next-generation analytic algorithm will be to accurately predict and detect sepsis earlier, with the goals of reducing sepsis mortality through earlier intervention and reducing the total cost of care.

2019 - SelectScience® Scientist's Choice Award: Best New Clinical Instrument (DxH 520)

2019 - MD Buyline Ratings
Our key hematology initiative has been improving quality and reliability for our customers, and the results speak for themselves in our third-party data scores.

  • Beckman Coulter DxH 800 is trending upwards in almost all categories.
  • We have surpassed the competition in applications training.
  • Tied scores for service response time, service response quality, and overall composite score.
  • The DxH 900 was designed to continue to drive this upward trend in reliability and customer satisfaction.

2020Frost & Sullivan’s Global New Product Innovation Award: Hematology testing market (DxH 690T)

2020Beckman Coulter awarded expanded partnership with BARDA to assess sepsis diagnostic and prediction algorithm with COVID-19 patients.
The partnership was awarded to Beckman Coulter, in collaboration with Dascena, Inc., for additional advanced research and development toward optimization of a machine-learning based sepsis diagnostic and prediction algorithm to include assessing its use with coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.


2018 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best System Performance AST/ID
2019 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best System Performance AST/ID



2018MD Buyline Highest overall user satisfaction rating 
2020 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best Service Immunoassay
2020 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best Service Chemistry
2020 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best Service Integrated Systems
2020 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best Service AST/ID
2020 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best Service Urinalysis
2020 - SelectScience® Reviewer’s Choice Award: Clinical Customer Service of the Year


2020 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best System Performance
2020 - IMV ServiceTrak™ Best Customer Satisfaction