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Immunoassay Analyzers

Immunoassay analyzers are used to identify and detect the concentration of specific substances in a sample, usually using an antibody as a reagent. These devices are used in hospitals and clinical laboratories and can perform a variety of tests including those targeting cancer, allergies, therapeutic drug monitoring and more.

Immunoassay Analyzers for All Labs*

Throughput Range

Access 2 Immunoassay Analyzer

Access 2 +

Reliability matters. This benchtop immunoassay analyzer fits labs with space constraints and delivers fast, reliable results.

Low Volume
UniCel DxI 600 Immunoassay Analyzer

UniCel DxI 600

Simplicity matters. This immunoassay analyzer gives technologists the benefit of ease of use without sacrificing throughput.

Mid Volume
UniCel DxI 800 immunoassay analyzer

UniCel DxI 800

Scalability matters. This immunoassay system supports the expanding needs of your growing laboratory.

High Volume

Featured Assays Specialized Immunoassay Assays for Improved Patient Care


Access hsTnI
High sensitivity troponin assays detect circulating protein at lower levels and provide improved diagnostic clarity. These assays can accelerate decision-making and improve patient care.

Reproductive Health

Access AMH Advanced
Provide accurate, reliable results that guide patient care decisions for people with reproductive health concerns. Address questions with the most comprehensive reproductive health menu available.


Access PCT*
Empower fast, accurate decision making for patients with sepsis or suspected sepsis. Simplify your sample-processing flow. Reduce operational expenses associated with maintaining a separate dedicated immunoassay workstation for PCT analysis.

Solutions for Your Laboratory

Cardiac Care

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Prostate Cancer

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Reproductive Health

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