Multicenter Evaluation of Analytical Performance of the AU5822 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Three academic institutions conducted independent validation studies to evaluate the AU5822 clinical chemistry analyzer. The independent studies looked at system precision, linearity/analytical measurement range, method comparison and reference range verification. The institutions represented diverse patient populations across widespread geographic locations and yielded a set of combined data larger than previous studies.

The study focused on data from 66 analytes. Specimens included 53 analytes for serum/plasma (40 for chemistry and 13 for TDM), 12 for urine and 1 for CSF. All 66 analytes exhibited linearity. 

Findings showed that the AU5822 produced consistent results among the individual institutions. CVs were <10% for 97%. The authors also reported that implementing the new systems allowed their laboratories to update processes and test results were well received by physicians.


Journal Article Multicenter Evaluation of Analytical Performance of the AU5822 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Examine the evidence showing consistent performance, linearity and correlation of the AU5822 analyzer across three independent institutions.

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Zimmerman, MK et al. “Multi-center Evaluation of Analytical Performance of the Beckman Coulter AU5822 Chemistry Analyzer.” Clin Biochem 2015; 48:881-5.

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