DxC 700 AU Chemistry Analyzer 

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Get the right results at the right time with one system. The DxC 700 AU clinical chemistry analyzer is the latest innovation in a line of reliable chemistry systems for the mid- to high-volume laboratory. The DxC 700 AU combines the best-loved (and time-tested) features of the popular DxC and AU series of clinical chemistry analyzers. This powerful combination delivers maximal uptime, high reliability and precise performance. 

This product may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact your Beckman Coulter sales representative or distributor for more information.

Specialized Assay for Improved Patient Care  

HbA1c Advanced Assay

Receive precise, clinically relevant results for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes with the HbA1c Advanced* assay. Have greater confidence in results with enhanced performance that offers a total precision of ≤2%CV or SD ≤0.13% HbA1c (NGSP). With the HbA1c Advanced assay, laboratories can focus on improving patient care and streamlining workflows.


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*Product not available in all regions. Please contact your local Beckman Coulter representative for more information.

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