DxONE Inventory Manager Consumable Automation Application

One less thing to worry about

When you integrate DxONE Inventory Manager* into your laboratory, the automated, end-to-end software application increases operational efficiency by automatically recording, tracking and optimizing your laboratory's consumables. With the manual tasks of receiving stock, monitoring system consumption and reordering now managed efficiently by the  DxONE Inventory Manager laboratory inventory management system, laboratory staff can focus on the more demanding work that helps your lab focus on even better patient test results.

Significant time savings

  • Reduces time spent checking stock
  • Reduces paperwork and manual tracking
  • Frees up laboratory personnel to focus on other lab duties

Enhanced laboratory inventory management

  • Reduces waste by monitoring product expiration dates
  • Generates orders for true auto-replenishment† 
  • Manages stock across laboratory network with a single solution

Optimal user experience by design

  • Web-based interface provides simplified activation and access
  • Intuitive navigation requires minimal training
  • Remote access offers on-demand view of consumable status

DxONE Inventory Manager Workflow

Let our inventory automation application sweat the details. The DxONE Inventory Manager software efficiently performs the essential, manual tasks of laboratory inventory management, leaving your skilled technologists with just three simple steps to keep your laboratory stocked and running efficiently.

Effortless Management of Laboratory Consumables


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Laboratory supervisor performing manual inventory counting boxes with a laboratory inventory management system

Case Study System Reduces Hours Spent on Inventory Management by 92%

Read about one laboratory's ability to reduce the amount of time dedicated to laboratory reagent inventory management from one day to one hour a week. Find out how DxONE Inventory Manager allowed this laboratory to reclaim time and reallocate activities to address more critical laboratory tasks.

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DxONE Inventory Manager Brochure

Laboratories around the world face a common challenge: the need to deliver fast, accurate results with fewer resources.

*Product in development. Not available for sale.
Not available in all regions or for third-party consumables.
REMISOL Advance is a trademark or registered trademark of Normand-Info SAS in the United States and other countries. Used under license.