REMISOL Advance* Middleware

Focus on patients and results

Increased workloads, extensive documentation and a perpetual need to bridge talent gaps place demands on busy laboratories. For these reasons, many laboratories are turning to advanced middleware platforms for much-needed relief. REMISOL Advance is a leading middleware solution for today’s clinical laboratories, bridging laboratory information systems (LIS) and instrumentation. It helps drive improved operational efficiency within and across the laboratory network through process automation and standardization. The enhanced capabilities of dashboards provide real-time insights into operations and fast access to key metrics for more informed decision-making.

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Focus on Patients and Results

  • Drive consistency through network standardization
  • Create efficiency through autoverification-rules management
  • Improve sample workflow through consolidated management
  • Integrate quality-control management to improve reliability

New Capabilities to Drive Laboratory Efficiencies

We have added dashboard and reporting features to the latest version of REMISOL Advance.


Dashboards provide customizable views into selected metrics and the actions that require attention to drive optimal lab performance.

1. Sample management

Focus on critical and delayed samples to manage by exception

2. Sample workflow

View summary of real-time sample status, giving a view into sample-processing stages

3. Quality control

Monitor QC performance by focusing on alerts

4. Performance criteria

Track total lab performance, providing perspective into operations


Reporting consists of configurable analyses of key performance parameters and gives perspective into laboratory operations. It also enables the investigation of visual cues seen on the dashboard. These reports enable laboratories to gain historical trending details on parameters such as samples, tests, QC and TAT over selected time frames, up to a maximum of two years. These trending analyses can drive continual improvement of your laboratory operations.

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Drive laboratory network efficiency through clinical information management tools.


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Because of our entire solution—REMISOL Advance, the track [Power Express] and the AU5812 systems—the quality and consistency of our results are much better.
Chris hopfer
Community Regional Medical Center
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