Early Sepsis Indicator Biomarker

First FDA-cleared hematology sepsis biomarker

Help identify adult patients in the emergency department (ED) who have sepsis or are at increased risk of developing sepsis with the exclusive Early Sepsis Indicator (ESId). The only FDA-cleared hematology biomarker for sepsis, ESId measures monocyte distribution width (MDW) to support prompt clinical decision making for this often-deadly condition. This sepsis parameter is available as part of a routine CBC with differential, enabling automatic reporting without added workload burden.

This product may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact your Beckman Coulter sales representative or distributor for more information.

Video Advanced Technology Gives Early Insights Into Sepsis

The Early Sepsis Indicator biomarker, available with the DxH 900 and DxH 690T hematology analyzers, uses proprietary VCS 360 technology to characterize cells—including monocytes—in their near-native states. Monocytes play a key role in the dysregulated immune response in sepsis. Identifying morphological changes in monocytes provides insight into possible sepsis earlier than other indicators.

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Monocytes in Sepsis

Webinar The Science Behind Early Sepsis Indicator: Why Do Monocytes Matter?

Learn how monocytes contribute to the development of sepsis and discover the scientific evidence behind a new monocyte biomarker.

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Patient evaluation

Article Monocyte Distribution Width Adds Value to Sepsis Detection

Learn about a clinical study evaluating the diagnostic accuracy of monocyte distribution width for early sepsis detection.

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