media DxM 6100 Autoplak
DxM Autoplak Microbiology Automation
media DxM 6100 Autoplak
media DxM 6100 Autoplak
media DxM 6100 Autoplak

DxM 6100 Autoplak Advanced System

Meeting laboratory demands through automation

Fully automate front-end inoculation plate streaking processes, broth inoculation and slide preparation to increase productivity and ensure reliability.

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Video Removing Redundant, Manual Processes

See how the DxM 6100 Autoplak Advanced System automates the front-end plate streaking process with only four simple user interactions.

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Automate the inoculation and streaking of culture plates in your microbiology laboratory. Improve efficiency, ensure reliability and enhance productivity by fully automating up-front specimen processing. Meet laboratory demands through automation.
  • Advance the efficiency of your laboratory by automating inoculation and plate streaking
  • Minimize contamination risk through reliable and safe sample processing
  • Increase productivity and enable technologists to manage more intensive tasks
Increase efficiency
  • Load 1 to 120 samples at any time without interruption to the system with random access capability
  • Simplify processing of challenging specimens, such as stool and sputum, through automated features
  • Automate decapping and recapping of multiple specimen containers
  • Use up to 440 plates with up to 11 types of media
Ensure reliability
  • Integrate the system with your laboratory's LIS
  • Minimize cross-contamination with high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filtration and a linear, one-way sample flow
  • Preserve traceability and reduce errors with sophisticated barcode technology
Enhance productivity
  • Inoculate and streak up to 140 plates per hour automatically
  • Free up time and respond to dynamic staffing needs with the DxM 6100 Autoplak Advanced System
  • Standardize streaking methods through automation
  • Decrease TAT by minimizing the need for subculturing


  • Dimensions
    • Height: 200 cm
    • Width: 185 cm
    • Depth: 92 cm
  • Weight:~500 kg

Power Requirements

  • Line voltage: 220–240V Single Phase AC, 1500 W
  • Line frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Line current: 10A for 200–240 VAC operation
  • IP CEI 60529 degree of protection (For indoor use only): IP 20
  • Noise level: LpA <65 dB (A)
  • Average power: 600 VA
  • Peak power: 1100 VA
  • Power plug: Type E+F (CEE 7/7)

Recommended Laboratory Environmental Conditions

  • Temperature (operating):
    • Ambient: 15° to 30°C
    • Operating: 10° to 26°C
  • Temperature (storage): -10° to 40°C
  • Relative humidity: 40% to 80% (without condensation)

Light Source

Lamp specification: 19.2 W flexible cool white light LED strips (550–6500 K)


  • Capacity of plates: 480 plates
  • Capacity of sample tubes: 120 sample tubes
  • Processing capacity (average per hour): 125 plates/hour
  • Culture media: a maximum of 11 different culture media

General Features

  • Degree of pollution: II
  • Maximum operating altitude: 1500 m
  • Installation category: II

Operator Interface

Front panel controls and pop-up keyboard

Bar Code

  • Default bar code: Code 128
  • Standard bar codes accepted on sample tubes for insertion of samples: EAN/UPC, Code 39, Code 32, Code 128, GS1-1 28, ISBT 128, Interleaved and Standard 2 of 5, Codabar, ABC Codabar, GS1, Databar (Omnidirectional, limited, Expanded), Code 93, Code 11 and MSI
    The bar code printed on plates is CODEBAR.
DxM 6100 Autoplak Advanced microbiology automation system data sheet

Data Sheet DxM Autoplak Systems

Review detailed technical specifications and requirements for the DxM Autoplak system.


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Poster Automation in Routine Microbiology—Performance Data of a New Automated Inoculation System

DxM 6100 Autoplak demonstrated high accuracy and reproducibility of all streaking patterns for all 14 media tested. Find out how limited hands-on time, sample throughput, customization capabilities and adaptability to the LIS interface allowed flexible integration into routine workflows.