DxU 850m Iris Urine Microscopy Analyzer
DxU 840m Iris Urine Microscopy Analyzer

DxU Microscopy Series
Urine Microscopy Analyzer

Streamline urinalysis workflow with standardized results and walkaway technology

The DxU Iris Microscopy Series automated urine microscopy analyzer includes the DxU 840m Iris, with a throughput of 70 samples per hour or the DxU 850m Iris, with a throughput of 101 samples per hour. The instruments deliver faster turnaround times and accurately standardizes results by reducing manual intervention.

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Model Comparison

Reduce Manual Reviews

The DxU Microscopy Series streamlines urinalysis workflow with significantly lower manual microscopic review rate of 4%.1 This is achieved using Proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology with APR software to capture digital images of particles in the urine or in body fluids. Leveraging this technology reduces total sample processing time up to 78% compared to manual microscopy.2

Urine microscopy analyzer DxU 850m

Auto-release Results

Edit-Free Release technology allows the laboratory to auto-verify true positive urines and true negative urines based on release settings they set up. This feature converts the analyzer into a walkaway unit.

Increase Uptime and Improve Productivity

iWARE Integrated Urinalysis Software solution, standard on the urinalysis analyzer, combines onboard validation and result verification into a single step without the need for middleware. The software helps laboratories become more efficient by reducing time-consuming steps.3

Optimize Rinse Routine

The DxU Iris introduces the iQclear, an enhanced cleaning aspiration module that helps with additional cleaning of the sample probe.

Comparison of the DxU Microscopy Series Instruments


DxU 840m Iris

  • 70 samples per hour

Urine microscopy instrument DxU 850m Iris

DxU 850m Iris

  • 101 samples per hour


Body fluids analysis

Automate Body Fluids Analysis

The DxU Micrscopy Series provides a standardized, fully automated method for the analyses of RBC count and nucleated cell count in cerebrospinal, synovial and serous fluids. Digital Flow Morphology technology isolates particles in body fluids to provide immediate and reproducible results that can be verified on the screen.

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3. Xuekai L, Weibin C, Xiaolong L, et al. Establishment and validation of auto verification criteria for urine analysis workstation in a multi-center study. Chinese Journal of Laboratory Medicine. December 11, 2020.

The DxUm leverages the same proprietary technology present on the iQ200 series automated urine microscopy analyzers. Results of all studies are transferable.

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