ACEP Scientific Assembly

American College of Emergency Physicians

Leveraging AI-powered Solutions and Novel Diagnostics to
Triage, Detect & Intervene

Thank you for joining us at ACEP to discover our innovative early sepsis assessment and triage decision support that’s paving the way to reimagine healthcare in the Emergency Department (ED). Explore solutions from our booth and watch our Expert Panel: Catching the Wildcard in the Waiting Room, Catching the Wildcard in the Waiting Room.

CBC. Transformed.Unlocking SEPSIS Assessment with MDW Parameter

Learn about Monocyte Distribution Width (MDW), a regulatory-cleared hematological biomarker available as part of the CBC-Diff, to aid in understanding the risk of severe infection and sepsis in adult ED patients.

ACEP22 Sepsis CBC

Efficient Triage through Artificial Intelligence Outcomes-based Triage Made Possible with AI-powered CDS Tools

TriageGO is the new clinical decision support software that supports the triage nurse by applying artificial intelligence to recommend an acuity level.

ACEP22 Cardiac disease testing
Monocyte Distribution Width Hematological Biomarker
MDW Hematological Biomarker
Learn about MDW as a clinician aid in escalating and de-escalating care in patients with suspected sepsis.
Cardiac hsTnI
TriageGo Artificial
Experience more efficient ED flow with TriageGO, the new CDS software tool that leverages AI to support triage.