The New Standard in Hematology:
Full-Field Cell Morphology

With the increasing worldwide prevalence of hematological disorders and malignancies, the importance of early diagnosis and effective treatment initiation is more important than ever.1 Digitalization of hematology slides is transitioning cell morphology analysis and changing how scientists work both inside and outside the lab.

Watch the recording from AACC 2022 to see Jaimie Mattson, Senior Director Global Product Marketing from Beckman Coulter and Erez Naaman Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer from Scopio Labs share the latest partnership to advance hematology diagnostics worldwide through Scopio’s digital imaging platforms and the Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear™ (FF-PBS) application. Learn how this partnership will accelerate adoption of hematology digital cell morphology, about the innovative FF-PBS morphology solution that eliminates the need to go back to the manual microscope for additional review and enables lab professionals the ability to analyze the sample from anywhere through the secure hospital network regardless of location, bringing the remote-work revolution to hematology.

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1. The Lancet Hematology. (2020). The global burden of hematological diseases. The Lancet Hematology, 7(12), e851. 3026(20)30370-7