Drugs of Abuse Testing

A chronically relapsing disorder, drug addiction is characterized by the compulsive use of addictive substances, despite adverse consequences to the individual and society 1 , making reliable testing for drugs of abuse needed now more than ever.

A Growing Global Issue

The amount of drug usage is increasing around the globe 3, and with it grows the number
of illicit drug use and drug-abuse-related deaths.5


Introducing Three New Esoteric Drugs of Abuse Testing Assays

Intended for the qualitative or semi-quantitative determination of norfentanyl in human urine. It’s the only assay that can measure norfentanyl up to 100% cross-reactivity at a low cutoff of 5 ng/mL
Intended for the qualitative or semi-quantitative determination of hydrocodone in human urine at a cutoff of 300 ng/mL.
Intended for the qualitative or semi-quantitative determination of norketamine in human urine at the cutoff values of 50ng/mL.

Why is Drug Testing Important? With new substances emerging and global drug abuse rising, accurate drug testing is essential.

The Global Drug Market Grows Complex as New Substances Emerge

The lines between legal and illegal drug markets are becoming increasingly blurred. Learn more about the need for laboratory adaptation and our extensive drug abuse test menu.

The Rising Problem of Drug Abuse and the Need for Detection that Matters

Drug abuse around the world is on the rise and there is a demand for robust drug detection and monitoring solutions throughout institutions globally.

Address a Greater Demand

Meet the testing demands for drugs-of-abuse detection and therapeutic drug monitoring in your laboratory with a comprehensive menu of assays.

Scalable Chemistry Solutions to Meet Any Workload

Consolidate testing and experience the flexibility to choose the right instrument and reagent combination to suit your laboratory's on-site requirements. Our comprehensive therapeutic drug monitoring and drugs-of-abuse menus run on the following Beckman Coulter Clinical Chemistry Analyzers:

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