LabPro Information Manager

Turning accurate results into action

Make critical decisions with confidence by organizing and managing microbiology test data in a #1-rated, easy-to-use software package.1

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What's New: LabPro v4.42 Panel Update-07

LabPro v4.42 Panel Update-07 introduces 10 new MicroScan panels and new LabPro AlertEX System updates to reduce off-line testing and improve laboratory workflow. LabPro v4.42 Panel Update-07 is required to implement 10 new MicroScan panels on the MicroScan autoSCAN-4, MicroScan WalkAway plus and DxM MicroScan WalkAway systems. The software also includes LabPro AlertEX updates aligned with CLSI M100-S28 guidelines on revised intrinsic resistance rules. 

Read this product announcement letter (login required) for more information on new organism additions and to see the full list of feature enhancements.

Powerful Data Management Designed for the Microbiology Laboratory

With LabPro Information Manager, powerful management of laboratory test results from order to LIS transmission is just a few mouse clicks away. Using an intuitive, customizable interface, data is streamlined and organized from MicroScan instruments, enabling faster workflow and delivery of test results.

  • Allows laboratories to adapt work processes to specific requirements using customizable alerts, rules and analysis
  • Enables detailed data analysis and reporting by exporting data to spreadsheets, graphing software and databases
  • Allows accurate reporting through user-defined alerts that direct laboratory staff to take immediate corrective action
  • Records actions taken to resolve atypical results, simplifying auditing and enhancing quality control

Manage microbiology laboratory data with ease

LabPro Information Manager helps today’s busy microbiology laboratories quickly and easily organize their data. This powerful system, designed by medical technologists, helps laboratory technologists streamline their workflow and make efficient use of their time.

LabPro is included with all MicroScan instrument systems and can be used as a standalone application by manual panel users. LabPro AlertEX System software extends the functionality of LabPro by automating atypical results detection. LabPro Internet-based training—a standard addition to the LabPro system—provides a comprehensive, structured learning experience, enabling laboratory personnel to gain document proficiency and earn CE credits.

Customize LabPro to meet your laboratory’s specific needs

LabPro Information Manager can be tailored to fit individual laboratory requirements. Flexible options allow you to:

  • Accommodate different regional and institutional environments
  • Create customizable patient and laboratory report formats
  • Customize formularies for outside clients, resident physicians and hospital services

Automate atypical results detection

When used with LabPro Information Manager, LabPro AlertEX System software automates atypical results detection, allowing organizations to boost the efficiency and accuracy of their laboratories. Integrated features allow users to:

  • Select from an extensive database of predefined rules recommended by CLSI, EUCAST and microbiology leaders
  • Create, edit, deactivate or reactivate any alert at any time
  • Receive automatic notification when results require attention
  • Customize notifications that direct staff to take the most appropriate actions based upon standardized institutional procedures
  • Report intrinsic antimicrobial resistance
  • Monitor susceptibility profiles for specific patients

Boost quality of test results

LabPro Information Manager ensures accurate results with the ability to:

  • Restrict antibiotic reporting by patient age and seriousness of infection
  • Transmit completed results back to the LIS automatically
  • Monitor QC data and document corrective actions to support quality initiatives
  • Enhance workflow efficiency through processing tips, fly-over reminders and onboard user guides

Improve risk analysis and treatment identification

Integrated epidemiological data and features enable laboratories to pinpoint risk factors and determine optimal treatments with a greater degree of accuracy. The system includes:

  • Critical infection control and pharmacy information
  • The ability to implement CLSI M100 or EUCAST interpretative guidelines and M39 data analysis
  • Customizable, automatic modifications of organism identifications for more focused segmentation
  • The capablity to expand trending to include a percentage of susceptible, intermediate and/or resistant results

Minimum System Requirement for Installation of V4.42 Panel Update-07

LabPro V4.42 MUA already installed


Installation Options for V4.42 Panel Update-07

  •  Self-installation
  •  Assisted Installation
 Please contact your local Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Technical Applications Specialist for software installation.
MicroScan Microbiology Systems Powered by LabPro brochure.

Brochure MicroScan Microbiology Systems Powered by LabPro

Make critical decisions with confidence: LabPro Information Manager helps deliver more efficient, accurate test results.


Antibiogram Export Instructions and Tools

CLSI recommends the annual preparation of a cumulative antibiogram report to assist physicians in empiric therapy decisions. The Antibiogram Export Tool provides a template for managing data transferred from the LabPro Information Manager into Microsoft Excel, enabling you to create customized reports and charts specific to your institutional needs. 

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1“ServiceTrak™ Clinical Executive Summary Report: ID/AST Systems.” IMV Ltd.,2016, pg. 13.