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Conventional Panels

Traditional microdilution ID/AST provides exceptional antimicrobial resistance detection

As the foundation of our ID/AST products, conventional panels deliver accuracy with the fewest clinically significant reporting limitations of leading automated systems. This reduces the need for repeat testing, providing timely results without reliance on historical data.

This product may not be available in your country at this time. Please contact your Beckman Coulter sales representative or distributor for more information.

Our portfolio of ID/AST panels supports unique institutional and geographic needs with a broad menu of antibiotic configurations and choice of inoculum preparation methods. With continued emergence of antimicrobial resistance, our direct MIC testing methodology provides the most accurate and sensitive method for detecting subtle changes in susceptibility results.

  • Support a variety of formulary needs with current antimicrobials and dilutions 
  • Test both ID and AST in a single combo panel to optimize workflow
  • Select MIC-only panel formats to complement MALDI-TOF* ID testing protocols
  • Use ID-only panels for targeted testing needs
  • Use either Prompt™ or turbidity inoculation method for workflow flexibility
  • Rely on visual confirmation of biochemical and susceptibility results for added confidence in unusual results
  • Get integrated ESβL confirmation on most Gram-negative panels

Product Details

  • 20 panels per box
  • Room-temperature storage
  • 1-year stability from date of manufacture

MicroScan Panel Guide

Determine which MicroScan panels are optimal for your laboratory. The Guide's simple two-step process provides you with information in a printable format to make the panel selection process quick and easy.

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Biotype Lookup Program

The Biotype Lookup Program allows you to generate biotype information supported by LabPro Information Manager and Data Management System. It accesses an expanded identification database designed to assist with the identification of organisms whose atypical biochemical tests cause their assigned frequency cutoff points to be exceeded. The program supports all current MicroScan identification databases. To begin your search, select a panel classification, identification level and identification database, then enter the biotype number to obtain the requested information.

LabPro V4.41 Biotype Lookup tool

LabPro V4.42 Biotype Lookup tool

*MALDI Biotyper is the property of Bruker Daltronik GmbH.
Prompt is a registered trademark of 3M.