MICroSTREP plus Panels

Comprehensive MIC testing detects emerging resistance

MIC testing for all Streptococcus spp. using CLSI microdilution supplementation and incubation standards.

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Healthcare professionals are faced with a variety of significant fastidious pathogens where resistance to an extensive number of antibiotics is rapidly on the rise. This can lead to complications, ranging from pediatric ear infections to life-threatening conditions, such as meningitis or sepsis. For appropriate antimicrobial therapy, accurate minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) testing should be assessed for all significant isolates.

MICroSTREP plus:

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of all streptococcal species including S. pneumoniae, beta and viridans streptococci
  • Supports testing of Haemophilus* spp. (outside the U.S.)
  • Tests inoculums prepared using the turbidity method to meet your laboratory's needs
  • Enables select from two panel configurations, ensuring appropriate formulary coverage 
  • Allows users to automate processing on a MicroScan WalkAway plus system or interpret panel growth manually


Product Details

  • 20 panels per box
  • Room-temperature storage
  • 1-year stability from date of manufacture
  • Requires Mueller Hinton with Lysed Horse Blood for streptococcus inoculum preparation

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*No automated read for Haemophilus.