Industry-Leading Immunohematology and Blood Testing Analyzers

Industry-leading immunohematology analyzers, blood group testing analyzers and reagents deliver accurate results to your lab. Streamline workflow by simplifying both routine tasks and maintenance with new features and intuitive software. Our testing systems and equipment allow your laboratory to:

  • Count on 35 years of proven reliability using hemagglutination method in exclusive terraced microplates
  • Boost testing efficiency with the highest throughput available of any high-volume donor center system
  • Benefit from the convenience and customer-focused care of knowledgeable service and support representatives

In Partnership with AABB:

We are a vital partner for AABB facilities which collect and transfuse more than 80% of all blood and components used in the United States. This is in addition to cellular therapy, tissue storage, transplantation and molecular testing. Through this joint effort, 90% of the American blood supply is tested by our PK analyzers. We not only impact donor blood testing in the United States, but influence the market worldwide.


PK7400 Automated Microplate System Analyzer

Experience the highest throughput of reliable blood donor immunohematology testing with this blood banking analyzer.

PK7400 Automated Microplate System

PK7400 Automated Microplate System


Request to make an appointment to donate blood as the Corona Virus outbreak continues.

PK Automated Microplate Systems and how to Troubleshoot Foldover Images

Video PK Automated Microplate Systems, fold-over images

When performing analysis on PK systems, it is important to compare the data and the image for every sample tested to obtain accurate results. Learn how to troubleshoot abnormal images, specifically fold-over in the PK Chat.

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