DxU Iris Workcell
Automated Urinalysis Solution

Take the Interruptions Out of Your Urinalysis Workflow

Laboratories need reliable solutions that minimize manual review and standardize high-throughput processes. Using industry leading technology, the DxU Iris Workcell fully automated system streamlines urinalysis workflow by reducing manual review to  4%1. The analyzers' load-and-go walkaway capability and Edit-Free Release technology minimizes interruptions and operator intervention. An intuitive software user interface elevates operator experience and access to innovative software solutions enables remote service monitoring for improved laboratory system uptime.

Focus on What Matters Most

The DxU Iris Workcell pairs the DxU 840/850 Iris urine microscopy analyzer with the AUTION MAX™ 4030 urine chemistry analyzer to create a scalable, fully automated urinalysis solution for your laboratory. Using proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology with Auto-Particle Recognition (APR) software, the DxU Iris Workcell helps to isolate, identify and characterize urine particles on the screen to virtually eliminate the need for manual microscopy.

Streamline Urinalysis Workflow in Your Lab

Manual microscopic review interrupts laboratory workflow and can increase sample testing by as much as 6x.2 The DxU Iris Workcell streamlines urinalysis workflow with a significantly lower manual microscopic review rate. This is achieved with proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology with APR Software which delivers standardized results using AI to recognize particles, reducing total sample processing time compared to manual microscopy.3

On average
4 %
Manual microscopic review1
Up to
78 %
Reduction in total sample
processing time compared to
manual microscopy3
Up to
Urine microscopy samples per hour


Standardize Particle Classification

Robust APR Software evaluates particles by size, shape, contrast and texture. It auto-classifies 12 urine sediment particles and sub-classifies 27 particles, resulting in high level of confidence by delivering accurate identification of particles and achieving shortened turnaround time.

Primary categories include Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC), WBC clumps, Squamous Epithelial Cells, Non-squamous epithelial cells, Hyaline casts, Unclassified casts, Crystals, Bacteria, Yeast, Sperm and Mucus. 


Minimize Operator Intervention

Automating most urine sediment reviews allows laboratory professionals to walk away from the urine analyzer so they can focus on more critical areas of the laboratory. Edit-Free Release (EFR) technology automatically sends results to the LIS based on user-defined parameters, reducing time-consuming steps and increasing lab efficiency. EFR works together with APR Software and Particle Verification Ranges (PVRs) to enhance auto-release options.

Increase Uptime and Improve Productivity

iWARE Integrated Urinalysis Software solution, standard on the analyzer, provides onboard validation and result verification into a single step without the need for middleware. The software helps laboratories become more efficient by reducing time-consuming steps.

Managing Urine Samples

  • Optimize Rinse Routine: The DxU Iris introduces the iQclear, an enhanced cleaning aspiration module that helps with additional cleaning of the sample probe
  • Increase Sample Load Capability: An optional load and unload station can increase the amount up to 14 racks, for a total of 19 racks or 190 samples, ideal for high-volume labs


    Elevate Operator Experience

    Optimize your user experience with enhancements to improve your workflow. The DxU Iris Workcell has a new sleek, intuitive software user interface that aligns with other Beckman Coulter diagnostics instruments and allows the operator to comfortably navigate and simplify lab training across multiple platforms. Newly enhanced features include:

    Intuitive software user interface shortcuts, snipping tool, digital zoom, onboard maintenance 

    Figure 1. Image of software user interface enhancement.


    DxU Iris

    Webinar Did you catch us at AACC 2021?

    Explore our exclusive presentation with Matt Rhyner, VP and GM of Beckman Coulter urinalysis, as he introduced the latest urinalysis solution, the DxU Iris Workcell. See an in-depth look at the product and learn about its capabilities.

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    Body fluids analysis

    Automate Body Fluids Analysis

    The DxU Microscopy Series is the only urinalysis system FDA-cleared with Body Fluids Module with linearity down to zero. It provides a standardized, fully automated method for the analyses of RBC count and nucleated cell count in cerebrospinal, synovial and serous fluids. Digital Flow Morphology technology isolates particles in body fluids to provide immediate, accurate and reproducible results that can be verified on the screen.

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