Warranties and Service Agreements

We offer a variety of service agreement options to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a plan for one instrument, your entire laboratory or the institution you represent, our agreement plans are designed for you.

View your current warranties and service agreements
The My Warranties application provides you current information about the status of all of the warranties and service agreements for your instruments. Upcoming warranty expirations are clearly noted. You can request Service Agreement Quotations on your instruments, as well as technical support for a specific instrument. Access to the application requires registration or login as a Beckman Coulter customer.

My Warranties can be accessed (after you've logged in) from the Portal menu in the top navigation bar on any page of the website.

Request a Service Agreement Quote
Our service agreements range from basic repair to instrument certification and cover a single instrument system, a complete laboratory or an entire institution. Each agreement is structured to make it simple to achieve the best possible laboratory performance with instruments you can trust. If you already know what type of service agreement you would like, please select the Request Service Agreement link next to the specific instrument in the My Warranties application.

Register your instrument
An instrument backed by a Beckman Coulter warranty or service agreement is ensured the finest support available. We view the features on our website as an extension of that outstanding service. This section highlights the features of our warranties and extended warranty programs. To register your instrument, please use the My Warranties application.

Benefits of instrument registration

  • Renewal Reminder: Our agreement renewal reminder takes the headaches out of service agreement renewals. This feature sends an e-mail notification out 30 days prior to your agreement expiration date to help you avoid any lapse in coverage
  • System ID Number / Serial Number Matching: Your System ID Number is your key to world-class service and support both online and on call. Use this feature to match your System ID Number to your instrument serial number and we'll also give you the current status of your agreement and/or warranty

Service Agreement packages

  • Total Plus Agreements are our most comprehensive hardware service plan available for most instruments and systems. It includes unlimited emergency repair, comprehensive preventive maintenance, replacement parts, engineering reliability upgrades, and firmware updates. Total Plus coverage also provides web-based support and privileged call center entitlements 
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  • Prevention Plus is an economical choice that includes scheduled preventive maintenance, PM parts, web-based support, and privileged call center entitlements. Also included is a special rate for emergency service labor and parts if required during the year
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  • Support and Grow, in addition to the comprehensive benefits offered in Total Plus, provides added benefits to fulfill specific customer requirements such as Operator Training Courses at various levels, On-site Applications Support, Online Training and Integrated Services
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  • PROService Remote Diagnostics is an automated monitoring service using the Internet to gather instrument information without operator intervention. System experts can identify potential technical issues from a remote location and resolve them before they impact your laboratory’s operating efficiency
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On-call diagnostic instrument support
For technical support over the phone, please contact the relevant product line technical team via the Contact Us page.

Why choose Beckman Coulter service?

  • ISO 9001 Certified field service organization
  • Factory-trained and certified engineers
  • Authentic replacement parts manufactured or rebuilt to latest engineering specifications
  • Experience—our field service engineers have a reputation that is unmatched in the industry
  • Convenient service on call, on-site