DxH 690T Hematology Analyzer

The right results, the first time, in your mid-volume laboratory

Streamline workflow and maximize staff walkaway time with the DxH 690T hematology analyzer. This 5-part differential CBC analyzer helps you give your patients rapid results, while enabling your technologists to simplify processes and reduce manual tasks. The benchtop system includes the same automated capabilities and industry-leading 93% first-pass yield of our full-featured DxH 900 hematology analyzer,1 as well as support for the Early Sepsis Indicator (ESId) hematology biomarker for sepsis. Available exclusively for mid-volume laboratories on the DxH 690T, the ESId helps clinicians identify sepsis in the emergency department (ED) to support faster, targeted treatment.

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Time in the laboratory is valuable. The ability to deliver prompt, accurate results and focus on priority tasks helps technologists produce the diagnostic insight needed for timely patient care decisions. With the DxH 690T hematology analyzer, your laboratory can give the right results, the first time, while freeing staff time to support your laboratory's highest priorities.

Deliver Fast, Reliable 5-part Differential Results

Obtain accurate RBC, PLT and WBC test results for clinicians and patients on the first pass through high-resolution analysis of cells in their near-native states. This capability is made possible by the DxH 690T analyzer's reliable core hematology technologies, including the Enhanced Coulter Principle, VCS 360 and DataFusion.
Experience 93% first-pass yield

Experience 93% first-pass yield to streamline results delivery and enhance throughput

  • Receive 1/3 fewer low-confidence flags compared to other mid-volume analyzers1
  • Avoid time-consuming manual interventions with more reportable results on the first run
  • Support lower operating costs by reducing costly sample reruns and reagent consumption
Obtain precise and accurate results for even the most challenging samples with extended testing capabilities
  • Employ real-time analysis to help identify and correct interferences for accurate first-pass runs
  • Analyze cytopenic samples using a single aspiration with automated extended counts
  • Help produce a reportable WBC differential for samples with lyse-resistant RBC with automatic particle recognition 
  • Expand diagnostic scope with extended reticulocyte panel, automated body-fluid analysis and exclusive Early Sepsis Indicator capability

Free Up Staff Time 

Improve operational performance by maximizing staff time and instrument uptime. The DxH 690T hematology analyzer is not only designed for reliable performance; it also simplifies—and even eliminates—some operational tasks. This allows the instrument to deliver more work in the day and enables staff members to focus on other priorities.
75% fewer QC steps. 40% faster response time

Maximize walkaway time

  • Automate QC processes to complete tasks with 75% fewer steps, and 40% faster software response time, than previous generation mid-volume hematology analyzers
    • Apply system calibration and QC reminders
    • Automate failed QC reruns
    • Add direct-from-instrument QC uploads to peer group comparisons (Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program) and receive near-instant results via email
    • Access new guided QC assistance
  • Experience fewer manual touch points, zero hands-on daily maintenance and high throughput capability for greater flexibility in staff time allocation
  • Eliminate manual daily cleaner loading and unloading with pre-loaded cleaner and remove required power-downs with an autonomous cleaning cycle
  • Extend walkaway time with a high sample loading capacity of up to 100 tubes

Ease workload
  • Simplify operation with an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Facilitate training and communication between staff members by displaying instrument task videos and a notepad for messages on the integrated touchscreen monitor
  • Upload SOPs, enabling convenient access to laboratory procedures through the system and freeing counter space for manual tasks, such as dilutions and slide making
  • Apply extensive sample-specific rule-writing capabilities to automate analysis and standardize SOP sample handling—without the need for middleware
  • Resolve events in need of attention with guided prompts and actions from a new software wizard

Know Sooner with Early Sepsis Indicator

Support early detection of life-threatening sepsis for patients in the ED2 with the optional Early Sepsis Indicator. The only FDA-cleared hematology biomarker for sepsis, the ESId measures monocyte distribution width for early insight into the often deadly condition.
  • Advance care to offset the clinical and financial burden of sepsis by helping to inform timely treatment
  • Report results automatically as part of a routine CBC with differential test with no added workload burden for your laboratory or the ED

Sample Aspiration

  • Whole blood: 165 μL
  • Body fluid: 165 μL
  • Dead volume: 0.5 mL


  • Enhanced Coulter digital impedance
  • 360 VCS with DataFusion

Available Test Menu

  • Differential: NE, LY, MO, EO, BA, MDW, NRBC, NE#, LY#, MO#, EO#, BA#, NRBC#
  • Early Sepsis Indicator: MDW (when enabled)
  • Reticulocyte: RET, RET#, MRV, IRF
  • Body fluids (CSF, serous and synovial): TNC, RBC, @BFM%, @BFP%

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1DxH series side-by-side results documentation, PN20180122.
2Intended use for ESId, PNC21894AA.

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