Routine Urinalysis is the 3rd
Most Ordered Test1

Urinalysis Represents 30% of
Lab Tests2

Manual Review Can Take 6x

Take the Interruptions Out of Your Workflow

Today’s urinalysis labs need reliable solutions that minimize manual review and standardize high-throughput processes. Our selection of urine chemistry and urine microscopy analyzers streamline your laboratory workflow by:

  • Reducing the need for manual microscopic review using proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology
  • Standardizing particle classification using Auto-Particle Recognition (APR) Software that auto-classifies 12 urine sediment particles and sub-classifies 27 particles
  • Pairing leading urine chemistry and microscopy solutions to create a scalable, fully automated urinalysis solution
  • Improving laboratory system uptime with clinical informatics connectivity and remote service monitoring

Automated Urinalysis Analyzers for All Size Labs

Browse a comprehensive selection of urine chemistry and urine microscopy analyzers to fit your lab’s needs:

Urinalysis Analyzers for All Labs

DxU Iris Workcell urinalysis solution

DxU Iris Workcell

Urine Chemistry and Microscopy, a highly reliable system minimizes manual review less than 3%4

Fully Automated
Urine microscopy instrument DxU 850 m Iris

DxU Microscopy Series

Urine Microscopy, accurate urine particle analysis providing high levels of throughput.

AUTION Max 4030 Urine Chemistry Analyzer


Urine Chemistry, generates accurate and reliable urine chemistry results without interruption.

AUTION ELEVEN AE-4022 semi-automated urinalysis analyzer


The AUTION ELEVEN AE-4022 is a standalone, easy-to-use, semi-automated urinalysis analyzer.


Solutions for Your Laboratory

Detect UTI Efficiently

Learn how Urine Culture Candidates Reports may offer insight into possible UTIs and streamline UTI testing workflow.

iQ Body Fluid Module

Streamline body fluid analysis in your laboratory. Enable accurate, automated body fluid cell counts in minutes - without workflow interruption.

Designed for Every Laboratory and Everywhere

DxH Connected Workcell Solution
Hematology analyzers deliver trusted results, streamlining lab workflow and enhancing productivity.
DxS Service and supports
DxS Service & Support
Confidently minimize downtime, drive efficiency and maximize performance so you can deliver results on time.
Clinical Informatic Solutions
Labs have the option to connect DxU Iris with our advanced software solutions.

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