Power Express Laboratory Automation System

High-throughput automation meets open connectivity

Power Express provides a total laboratory automation solution that maximizes uptime, minimizes errors and optimizes workflow. Combined with our state-of-the-art analyzers and transformative clinical IT solutions, this automation system gives your laboratory the freedom to focus more on patient care. Based on technology from a 20-year legacy in automation innovation, Power Express gives your laboratory the ability to connect all core disciplines into a single line—from sample entry to archive—to meet the needs of your laboratory today and tomorrow.

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Learn how Fresno Community Regional Medical Center transformed pre-analytical processes through automation.

Case Study Lean Laboratory Chooses Power Express: Driving Peak Performance

Learn how Fresno Community Regional Medical Center transformed pre-analytical processes through automation.

Enhance operational efficiency
  • The Power Express laboratory automation system connects all core disciplines on one line, providing a single point of entry for our best-in-class clinical chemistry, immunoassay and hematology analyzers, with the flexibility to connect with select third-party analyzers
  • Prioritize STAT samples by placing into the system via dedicated STAT rack
  • Alleviate non-value added activities from all steps in your process—from pre– to post-analytical—by up to 63%*
Focus on improving quality
  • Help reduce errors by automating pre– and post-analytical processes while decreasing human intervention
  • Increase diagnostic confidence by focusing your high-value resources on critical results and exceptions
Drive TAT improvements
  • The Power Express lab automation system helps drive sample processing through intelligent sample management allowing for the right tube to be sent at the right time based on testing requirements and instrument workload
  • Expedite sample analysis with the rapid processing speed, centrifugation time and unloading of samples
Prepare for future growth
  • Address increased volume and test menu needs with high-quality instrumentation and connections that scale to laboratory demands
  • Add additional instrumentation as throughput increases in order to serve all network facilities, from community hospitals to reference laboratories
Group of lab technicians reviewing data to increase efficiency by automating sample registration, centrifugation, decapping, recapping and aliquoting.

Data Sheet Power Express Clinical Automation System

Increase efficiency by automating sample registration, centrifugation, decapping, recapping and aliquoting.


Bulk Inlet

  • Eliminate the need to manually sort specimens into racks
  • 1,200 tubes/hr throughput

Dynamic Inlet

  • High-speed single point of entry
  • 1,200 tubes/hr throughput
  • Dynamic sorting provides STAT prioritization and centrifuge bypass capabilities

Centrifuge (x4)

  • Up to 1,200 tubes/hr throughput
  • Fast loading and unloading of samples
  • Standardization eliminates the need for weighing and balancing of tubes

Decapper Module

  • 1,200 tubes/hr throughput
  • 2 decappers per module provide built-in backup for maximum uptime
  • Universal cap support


600 tubes/hr throughput

3rd-Party Connections

Optional connections for immunoassay and coagulation instruments for maximum flexibility

DxI 800

  • Industry-leading immunoassay analyzer
  • 400 tests/hr throughput
  • Capable of direct track sampling for maximum efficiency

AU 5800

  • Best-in-class chemistry analyzer
  • Up to 9,800 tests/hr throughput
  • Reliable, scalable and fast speed

High-speed Storage

  • 600 tubes/hr throughput
  • Refrigerated and ambient settings
  • Optional auto-disposal capability
  • Connect up to 4 high-speed storage units for maximum scalability (~22,000 tube capacity)

High-speed Track

  • Unique 4-lane design and RFID technology enables intelligent sample management
  • Synced track, module and analyzer speeds eliminates bottlenecks

DxH Workcell

  • Onboard Automated Intelligent Morphology technology
  • Single-pass technology reduces manual intervention and unnecessary repeats
  • Up to 300 CBCs/hr throughput with integrated Slidemaker Stainer

Recapper Module

  • 1,200 tubes/hr throughput
  • 2 recappers per module provide built-in backup for maximum uptime

Video Community Regional Medical Center: Lean Automation

See how one laboratory reduced TAT and reallocated staffing resources for optimal performance using Power Express.

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Power Express Brochure

Brochure Drive Workflow Efficiencies, Quality and Turnaround Time

Expedite patient care and enhance operational efficiency in the laboratory by delivering rapid and consistent results with the Power Express clinical automation system.


Maximize Efficiency with Integrated Clinical Information Management Tools

Enhance your investment in automation with IT solutions that enable your laboratory to ensure more efficient patient results management and laboratory performance.

  • Manage patient test information from a single workstation with the REMISOL Advance Data Manager
  • Access instruments remotely to investigate patient and QC result errors (flags) with DxONE Command Central
  • Help improve laboratory uptime through remote service connectivity with PROService

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*Beckman Coulter Study. Cincinnati VA Medical Center — Laboratory Process Consulting. Diane Schimelfenyg MT(ASCP)SH, 2018

Not applicable to pre-spun samples.

REMISOL Advance is a trademark or registered trademark of Normand-Info SAS in the United States and other countries. Used under license.