Copan WASP Walk-Away specimen processor
Copan WASP DT Walk-Away media carousel with plates
Copan WASP Walk-Away specimen processor dual streaking capability
Copan WASP Walk-Away specimen processor sample entry carousel and rack
Copan WASP Walk-Away specimen processor  media carousel

Copan WASP® DT: Walk-Away Specimen Processor

Automate sample processing your way

Standardize and improve the quality of your specimen-culturing activities. Based on innovative technology, the Copan WASP DT automated specimen processor is a total solution for preanalytical specimen management.

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The Copan WASP DT is the first system to automate all the core aspects of microbiology specimen processing, including plating and streaking, Gram stain slide preparation and enrichment broth inoculation. As a modular open platform, Copan WASP DT easily adapts to the changing needs of the future. 

Enhance productivity

  • The Copan WASP DT's Gram SlidePrep module reduces staff time by automating Gram slide preparation and permanently printing barcoded patient and specimen information on the slide
  • The loop and tool change station allows for longer walk-away time and less user intervention by automatically selecting the appropriate inoculation tool (available in 1, 10 and 30 μL loop sizes)
  • The dual-streaking capability simultaneously streaks both sides of a biplate to increase throughput for high-volume specimen management
  • The media carousel consists of nine silos and holds up to 378 plates of any manufacturer’s standard media to accommodate most plating protocols
  • The broth enrichment/Kirby-Bauer inoculation module provides automatic inoculation of enrichment broth and Kirby-Bauer plates with no labeling required

Improve quality

  • The Copan WASP DT's Smart Scan technology reduces sample rejections by selecting the relevant barcode in the case of multiple labels
  • The image analysis verification system confirms accuracy and integrity of the loop, as well as the presence of inoculum
  • The individualized specimen management system provides a clean work environment with its containment and confinement measures

Increase flexibility

  • The Copan WASP DT's specimen incoming conveyor system allows continuous feeding of any sample type. No batching is necessary when using pallets
  • The universal decapping station automatically opens and closes specimen containers of any size
  • The inoculation system improves productivity while offering process standardization. It utilizes reusable standard metal loops with classic streak patterns, which reduce consumable waste. It can streak up to 130 plates per hour with full automation of all steps, including sample vortexing and decapping/recapping of the tubes

The Power of Smart Microbiology Automation Get reliable results, save time and reduce overhead through full automation of preanalytical, analytical and postanalytical tasks. 

One Partner for All Your Automation Needs

Find out more about a complete solution for every step in your microbiology laboratory, from initial specimen processing to final results.

Optimize Your Microbiology Laboratory Workflow 

Learn how innovations in microbiology—including automated sample processing and streamlined workflows—can improve results. Read this brochure for more information about Copan WASP DT. 

Copan WASPLab microbiology system

Add Automated Specimen Processing, Incubation and Reading

Augment your laboratory automation with the Copan WASPLab. This system adds high-resolution imaging and robotic incubation to the robust preanalytical Copan WASP DT system, which is connected by a customizable, barcode-driven conveyor track.

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