Copan WASPLab Microbiology Automation System

Customized culture incubation and digital reading for faster reporting

The Copan WASPLab microbiology automation system is a highly efficient, modular, scalable and customizable specimen processing and culture work-up system for clinical microbiology. The system incorporates a sophisticated, barcode-driven specimen processor with automated incubation and imaging, freeing technologists from labor-intensive manual tasks and allowing them to focus on the high-complexity work for which they were trained. These systems also streamline functions, allowing for increased capacity and faster reporting.

Each WASPLab system is customized based upon your testing and workflow requirements – contact your Beckman Coulter sales representative for more information.

This product may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact your Beckman Coulter sales representative or distributor for more information.

The Copan WASPLab microbiology system combines robust pre-analytical Copan WASP DT system processing with high-resolution imaging and robotic incubation, connected by a customizable, barcode-driven conveyor track.

One solution automates and integrates the pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical steps in the microbiology laboratory, improving productivity, streamlining workflow and providing accurate results for the clinician – ultimately improving patient care.


Increase productivity

Increase Productivity

  • Leverage PhenoMATRIX artificial intelligence to expedite culture review and resulting
  • Eliminate manual transport of plates to and from incubators, to and from reading benches, etc.
  • Read cultures images only after appropriate incubation eliminates non-value add activities

Improved quality

Improve Quality

  • Achieve better visualization of growth with digital imaging
  • Simplify supervisory review to ensure accuracy
  • Enhance opportunities for teaching and consultation

Turnaround time

Decrease Turnaround Time

  • Attain faster growth in the controlled incubator environment allows earlier culture reading
  • Support 24/7 reporting by evaluating read-when-ready images when available
  • Streamline documentation with sophisticated WASPLab software

Beckman Coulter consultation and service has allowed users to go-live with over 90% specimen types in as little as 3 months1. We’re ready to work with your lab to find the best solution. Contact us.
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Review online resource for proof sources related to COPAN products as well as many other aspects of sample collection and transport and automation. 

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1. Internal validation and implementation per customer specifications, Preferred Lab Partners, Edgewood, KY (2017).

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