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Comprehensive, High-Quality Solutions

Beckman Coulter’s automated hematology analyzers deliver faster results with precision and accuracy, helping you achieve high-quality patient care and operational excellence in your laboratory.

  • Improve patient care: Get accurate results faster from difficult specimens and reduce turnaround time with automated repeat and reflex testing, all helping to enhance laboratory workflow and patient care
  • Promote staff satisfaction: Make your laboratory personnel more productive by reducing manual intervention, standardizing automated processes and leveraging data management that makes auto-validation easy
  • Streamline operational efficiency: Liberate workspace with our reliable hematology analyzers designed to fit conveniently into your laboratory while fully meeting your needs for pre- and post-analytical systems
  • Strengthen financial health: Realize the cost savings of analytical testing and promote network growth with a full range of hematology solutions designed for entire laboratories of every size



Throughput: 60 samples per hour

DxH 500
DxH 500*

Our line of small hematology instruments provides reliable and accurate results in intuitive packages.

*Not available for sale in the U.S.


Throughput: 100 samples per hour

UniCel DxH 600
UniCel DxH 600

Our mid-volume solutions
offer additional blood cell parameters and throughput.


Throughput: 100 samples + 140 slides prepared per hour

UniCel DxH 801
UniCel DxH 801

For laboratories with large workloads, this line adds automated slide making, staining and simplified reagent management to the panel of blood cell parameters.


Throughput: 300 samples + 140 slides prepared per hour

UniCel DxH 2401
UniCel DxH 2401

Our connected workcells are the ultimate solution for the most demanding laboratory environments, delivering reduced turnaround time, increased efficiency and accurate first-pass results.

Unique capabilities available only
through Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter understands that the correct, reliable characterization and quantification of cell populations
form the foundation of hematology.


Cellular morphometric parameters (CMP) allow clinicians to dive deep and understand the relationship between disease and cell morphology. With an extensive scientific bibliography available, Beckman Coulter enables world-class clinical research.
**For research use only and not cleared by the FDA for clinical diagnosis.

HematoFlow and CytoDiff*

HematoFlow and CytoDiff* help reduce manual review rates while providing extensive information on cell types.
*HematoFlow and CytoDiff are not available for sale in the U.S.
For research use only and not cleared by the FDA for clinical diagnosis

Above-the-box solutions

Reduce turnaround time and improve clinical performance with our unique tools and accessories.


Beckman Coulter workflow solutions allow busy hematology laboratories to efficiently and automatically manage many pieces of laboratory equipment and patient data with simple and easy-to-use interfaces.