DxH 900 Workcell Automated Hematology Solution

Solutions to Redefine Your Hematology Workflow

Streamline processes with our automated hematology system. Fully scalable and customizable, the workcell features an integrated line with a seamless connection to attached units for intelligently distribute workloads.

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Redefining High-Throughput Hematology Workflow

The DxH 900 Workcell Solution provides unparalleled first-run accuracy giving you increased confidence in your results. Expand your hematology capabilities, extend walk away time and optimize your inventory management with DxH Concentrated ECO Diluent.

Reliable Results
93 %
Accurate results within the
first analysis
High Throughput
up to 300
Samples in a workcell with each single unit accepting 100 samples
Workflow Automation
up to 1800
Samples between reagent changes, without
interruption in sample processing*

*the DxH 900-3S

Full-Field & Fully Digital: The Future of Digital Hematology

Webinar Full-Field & Fully Digital: The Future of Digital Hematology

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Robin Johnson lab director at Vista Clinical Diagnostics and and Ahmed Bentahar medical director at Beckman Coulter as they discuss how digital hematology solutions are improving lab performance.

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Digital Hematology: Advanced Technology Guide

Casebook Digital Hematology: Advanced Technology Guide

With its advanced theory of operation and near-native cellular characterization, DxH 900 & 690T hematology analyzer technology allows for effective cellular analysis to accurately analyze blood cells and provide clinically significant data to aid in disease identification. Download the casebook to learn more.

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Blog Concentrating on Our Planet

We are dedicated to protecting our natural resources through new laboratory innovation—positively impacting the world around us. Learn how we’re fulfilling this promise with our new DxH Concentrated ECO Diluent.

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Explore DxH 900 Workcell Trackless Connection

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